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Minnesota2015-5257August 20, 2015

Ms. Mar and I recently returned from her hometown in Minnesota, a place recently voted the “Coolest Small Town in America.” That’s pretty cool (I’m such a cute punster)?

It’s been lots of years since she took me back, but it hasn’t changed much.

One morning I summoned her for a head scratch when she invited me for a hike. Ms. Mar and sisters decided to hike up to the highest point in Minnesota called EAGLE MOUNTAIN. At 2301 feet, really? It can not be called a “mountain.” They should have named it Eagle Hill but I guess that doesn’t sound majestic being the highest point in the state.Minnesota2015-5204August 20, 2015

“I let Ms. Mar know that she was no spring chicken (yum) and maybe shouldn’t do that hike, but she would hear none of that. “I did it in high school, and it wasn’t that difficult.”  I told her that high school was a looooooooooong time ago. She laughed and off she went disregarding my advice. I shook my head, said a prayer before dozing off for my mid-morning nap. I wasn’t about to tackle that hike.

A few hours later (make that 7), I could hear her moaning and groaning as she walked down the hall. I guess it wasn’t as easy as she thought. She had to tell me all about it. She classified the hike into sections:

1.   Flat . . . Easy peasy (for the first 5 minutes)

Minnesota2015-5189August 20, 2015And2more-2

2.   Flat with rocks … Rocks, Smocks. I was born to hike (for the next 1.5 hours)

  1.  Whale Lake …getting a little pooped (another 5 minutes). I asked if she had seen any whales. No.
    Whale Lake

    Whale Lake

    Minnesota2015-5216August 20, 2015


  1.  Enchanted Forest … who the hell cares at this point (very pretty but lots and lots of tree roots to navigate); Minnesota2015-5225August 20, 2015 Minnesota2015-5234August 20, 2015and finally
  1.  Boulder Climbing … Nothing like sucking my water bottle dry (the last mile).Minnesota2015-5242August 20, 2015

They made it to the top and rested a bit before heading back down. About that time she would have liked a zip-line, but no such luck.Minnesota2015-5251August 20, 2015-2 Minnesota2015-5253August 20, 2015And2more

I told her so. 🙂