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Life is never black & white, but eight years ago we were touched by “it.” The contrasting colors caught our eyes and we were forever changed.  Tuxedo, the runt of the cat litter, had a lopsided “got milk” mustache, white booties and soul-loving pretty green eyes; the rest of his body was pitch black.  His brothers (there were three others) did not have any markings; so he was special from birth.

Tuxedo 1photoThere is no way to soften our hearts; he was put to rest Monday.  About a month ago, he was diagnosed with cancer of the kidneys.  He was given steroid shots to address his discomfort, but eventually that horrible disease took him from us.  Cancer… damn, damn, damn you!!!  We whispered to him in his final moments that we were deeply sorry having to make that decision for him.  We really, really hope he forgives us.  We like to think that we are of one thought when we told him that we did not want him to suffer. We could not bear the thought of him being in pain. No, not any animal.

We miss you.

Our emotions ebb and flow with a flood of tears and a down turn smile in its wake.  To lessen the pain Dr. Seuss  said, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Didn’t Dr. Seuss like cats too?

We miss you.

Maralee_Park_071013_00450-EditIt will take time to adjust making one less bowl at dinner, or to call his name when something does not sound right in the house.

We miss you.

Tux Card 72Respectfully, we would like to continue, “Tuxedo, the Sophisticated Cat” blog in his memory with the same voice as in the past.  We know it denies his passing, but he was so special that we would like everyone to see the world through his voice.

We miss you.

Tux left us with a lesson that we will not forget– how to live.  As he lived a happy life, he died with dignity surrounded by his two favorite servants, mom and dad.

Tux, you are loved and missed.  By continuing this blog, we hope you bring joy to others as you have bought joy and love to us.

TuxWe love you sweet, sweet TUX.

Ms. Mar and Mr. C